You need to set your preferred seat in Carbon Poker, and then set the same preferred seat in Poker Copilot.

1) First in Carbon Poker, select from the menu, “Settings” -> “Preferred Seating Settings…”.

  • Make sure “Enable Preferred Seating” is selected
  • For every table size, select a preferred seat.

2) Second in Poker Copilot, do this in the Preferences -> “Poker Rooms” screen.

3) Third in Carbon Poker, select from the menu, “Settings” -> “Time Zone Settings…”. Ensure that the current date and time shows the accurate time for your time zone. If not, change the time zone/daylight saving settings until it does.

Now restart Carbon Poker and Poker Copilot. The HUD should now remember where you move the panels to, and stay in the right positions when you move from table to table.

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