If your database is very large, you may find that the HUD sometimes “lags”, that is, it takes a long time to update with new data after a hand.

The problem is caused by having the main window open to a screen that takes a long time to update. Whenever Poker Copilot has completed reading an updated hand history file, it auto-refreshes the current screen in the main window. This makes the database unavailable to the HUD until the refresh has finished.

There are several ways to get rid of this lag. Before you start a playing session, do one of the following:

  • in the main window, set the date filter to “Current Session”, or
  • in the main window select the “Session Overview”, or another screen that updates quickly even with a lot of data, or
  • from the menu, make sure “View” -> “Auto-refresh” is not enabled, or
  • minimize the main window. When minimized, the main window doesn’t refresh when new hand histories are read.

Now when you are using the HUD, you should find that it updates immediately after each hand.

Another helpful trick is to make Poker Copilot scan for less files:

  • open the Poker Copilot Preferences.
  • Select the General panel.
  • Find the Ignore hand history files before setting, and set it to a recent date. eg. One month ago.
  • Restart Poker Copilot

If you have a lot of old hand history files, doing this will vastly reduce the amount of scanning that is done for updated hand history files.

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