This article describes how to move your Poker Copilot database and preferences from Mac to a Windows computer.

Important note: We will move the Poker Copilot database so it doesn’t need to be built again. However, it is highly recommended that you move all of your hand history files too. If there is a problem with your local database in the future, Poker Copilot will rebuild it by parsing all the hand history files anew. It is always a good idea to keep a backup of all your hand history files so you don’t run the risk of losing your data.


Make sure that you have installed the same version of Poker Copilot on both computers. To check your version number, select Help -> About Poker Copilot from the top menu. This guide assumes that on your new Windows computer, you have a new installation of Poker Copilot. Any existing data or preferences on your new computer will be overwritten.

Exporting data on your old Mac

1. Make sure Poker Copilot is not running
2. In Finder, from the Go menu, select “Go to Folder…”
3. In the window that opens, copy and paste the following:
~/Library/Application Support/com.barbarysoftware.pokercopilot/
and press enter
4. You should now see a new window open in Finder that shows Poker Copilot’s internal settings
5. The “database” folder you see here is the folder you need to copy somewhere safe. Copy it to an external hard drive, or a USB stick.

Exporting preferences on your old Mac

1) On your old Mac, run Poker Copilot and go to “Preferences > General”
2) Click on “Export preferences” and save that json file to your backup medium

Importing data to your new Windows computer

1) On your new computer, exit Poker Copilot, if it is running
2) Open the Windows Explorer (Windows 7) or File Explorer (Windows 8, Windows 10)
3) Copy and paste the following line into the address bar of the Explorer and press enter

%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Barbary Software\Poker Copilot

4) In the folder that now opens, delete the folder called “database”.
5) Copy the folder called “database” from your backup medium into the open folder, effectively replacing the folder you deleted in step 4.

Importing preferences to your new Windows computer

1) On your new computer, run Poker Copilot and go to “Preferences > General”
2) Click on “Import preferences”, find the json file on your backup medium and double click it
3) Confirm the preferences change by clicking “Import”

Finally, restart Poker Copilot. You should find that all of your preferences and your entire database is exactly as it was on your old Mac.

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