Resetting the database is intimately linked with the Ignore hand history file before settings, which is found in Tools -> Preferences -> General.

Why would you want to reset the Poker Copilot database? Let’s try to answer the question with an example. Suppose that you have started playing online Jan 1st 2015 and Poker Copilot has monitored your poker activity since then. You consider that your learning period has lasted three months and that your real online poker life started April 1st 2015. How do you neutralise those first three months that will lower your overall performance?

Go to the Ignore hand history file before field of the General panel of the preferences and enter the date April 1st, 2015 using the popup calendar.

Now choose Reset Database from the File menu.

A confirmation dialog appears. Note that the date April 1st 2015 date is included in the message.

Note that the ignored files are not deleted. They stay in their respective folders but are not imported. You can even revive those files with a subsequent database reset.

If you click on Reset Database , you will be asked to quit and restart the program to end the reset process. Upon restarting, your database will be rebuilt. This process can take a certain amount of time.

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