After Poker Copilot has requested player information form the SharkScope website, it will display an icon in each player HUD panel to indicate the status of this player.

There are a couple of different icons that you might see after the request has completed. Here’s an overview of what each of them means:

The player has been found in the database and statistics should show in the HUD accordingly.

Not found
The player name could not be found in the SharkScope database.

Not opted in
The player has not opted in. Certain networks require players to take action before all of their statistics are able to be shown publicly on SharkScope. If you encounter a player with this icon, it means that this player has not yet opted in and so, depending on that network’s rules, some individual statistics may not be available for that player.

The player’s statistics are still being fetched from SharkScope’s server. You’ll typically see this icon only for a second or two, at which point it will be replaced with one of the other icons listed in this section.

Not supported
The poker room does not support SharkScope and therefore no statistics can be provided.

Daily searches quota used up
You’ve used up all your daily SharkScope searches, therefore no more player data can be fetched until the quota resets at midnight Pacific Time (UTC -8). If you’d like to have more searches available per day, consider upgrading your SharkScope account.

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