PokerStars offers the possibility to request hand history data for recent hands per email. This can be useful if you did not save the hand history, for example because you were playing on a mobile device or because you are new to Poker Copilot and have not had the Save My Hand History option enabled before.

Poker Copilot offers a tool that lets you save the contents of your PokerStars hand history email as a hand history file on your hard drive. This article outlines how you go about requesting hand history data and saving it on your hard drive.

Requesting hand histories from PokerStars

To request missing hand histories from PokerStars, follow these steps:

1) Open the PokerStars application and log into your account. Then select “Tools” from the main menu on the right-hand side.
2) On left-hand side, select History & Stats -> Get Hand History
3) Choose which hand histories you want to receive, you can either:

  • Request your last X hands
  • Request all hands for the last X hours/days
  • Request a specific hand #
  • Request all hands for a specific tournament #

4) After choosing which hands you’d like to request, make sure the language option is set to English. This is the only language that can be read by Poker Copilot.
5) Click submit

You should then receive your selected hand history data in the email account you’ve used to register for PokerStars.

Creating hand history files from the PokerStars email

Once you have received the email from PokerStars containing your hand history data, you can proceed to use Poker Copilot to create a file on your hard drive.

1) In the Poker Copilot main menu, select Tools -> Create PokerStars Hand History File
2) In the dialogue, choose the location where you want to save your hand history file. If you want to change the default path, click Browse and select a new one.
3) Switch to your email reader, open the email you received from PokerStars and select the text below *********** # 1 *************, as seen on the screenshot below

4) Copy the text you selected in step 3. To copy text, you can usually right click the marked area and select Copy from the context menu
5) Switch back to Poker Copilot and paste the text into the main text field. You can right click into the field and select Paste from the context menu
6) Finally, click the Create button

You should see a message box that confirms that the hand history file has been created successfully. If you receive an error saying that this doesn’t seem to be valid hand history file, make sure you’ve copied your hand history starting from the correct line, as seen on the screenshot below step 3. The hand history text must start with the line that states the hand #.

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