Configuring Winning Poker Network

This section shows you how to configure America’s Cardroom. All other Winning Poker Network poker rooms have the same configuration procedure.

Enable hand history saving

  • In America’s Cardroom go to “Game Info” -> “View Hand History” -> “Options”
  • Make sure the box for “Save hand history” is checked
  • Make sure that the same folder path is showing in Poker Copilot’s “Hand History Folders section, or add it using the “+” button.

Set preferred seat in America’s Cardroom

  • From the menu bar, select Options -> Table Options
  • In the window that opens, select Preferred Seat
  • For each table size (2 Handed, 6 Handed, 8 Handed, 9 Handed) choose your preferred seat. Click OK when done.

Set preferred seat in Poker Copilot

Poker Copilot can not automatically read your America’s Cardroom settings. So you’ll need to enter your America’s Cardroom preferred seat settings manually in Poker Copilot. Do this in the Preferences -> “Poker Rooms” screen.

For every table size, select a preferred seat.

Restart America’s Cardroom and Poker Copilot. Now the HUD should show on America’s Cardroom.

Notes & Limitations

Tournament results

Winning Poker Network rooms don’t save the tournament results to your computer. So Poker Copilot has no way of automatically knowing the tournament results.

You can manually add tournament results to Winning Poker Network tournaments, or you can fetch them from SharkScope. Read how to do this.

Final hand in a tournament not available

Sometimes Winning Poker Network rooms don’t save your final hand in a tournament correctly. So these hands won’t be available in Poker Copilot.

Blitz hands

Poker Copilot does import Blitz hands but the HUD can’t show on Blitz tables. HUD support for Blitz can’t be added at the moment as ACR hasn’t yet added the technical requirements to be able to do it.

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