The Detailed Statistics screen shows an in-depth summary of how you play. Every statistic recorded is shown here, broken down by street and by position where relevant.

All the statistics are presented following the flow of a hand: preflop, blind stealing, postflop.

Each statistic has a tooltip describing in more detail what the statistic means:

The numbers in light grey show how the statistics are calculated. The major statistics show the numerator and denominator to the right of the statistic value:

Statistics by street or position show just the denominator in parentheses.

What do BB/SB/BTN/CO/MP/EP mean?

These indicate your position on the table.

BB Big Blind
SB Small Blind
BTN Button
CO Cut-off (one before the button)
MP Middle Position
EP Early Position

You can let the mouse cursor hover above any of these to see the definition in a tooltip.

What do IP/OOP mean?

IP “In Position”: you were closer to the button than your adversary
OP “Out of Position”: your adversary was closer to the button, and therefore “had position” on you.

Why are certain statistics not broken down by street or position?

We’ve added breakdowns for stats by street or position when a dedicated player can reasonably expect to have a significant sample size. We omitted stats where even in a database of one million hands, there wouldn’t be enough data for the statistic by position to be useful.

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