The dynamic HUD is an experimental feature.

Why is it called the dynamic HUD?

Unlike Poker Copilot’s normal “static” HUD, it dynamically responds to changes on the table in real time. The static HUD reads hand history files, written after a hand has finished, to work out who is sitting at the table. The dynamic HUD uses screen-scraping to find who is sitting at each seat as soon as they sit down.

Why is it experimental?

Screen scraping is a brittle technology. A tiny change in the table layout, font, window size, or colour scheme can make screen scraping fail. We can’t offer a strong promise that our screen scraping will work reliably in all circumstances. Furthermore, screen scraping has trouble recognising the difference between some letters. For example, the digit zero (‘0’) and the upper case letter o (‘O’) can appear identical to screen scraping. Other characters have similar problems.

Why does a dynamic HUD player panel flash on and off?

You probably have the HUD player panel on top of the player name. Try moving the HUD player panel so that it is not on top of the player name.

What’s actually happening: When the HUD panel is not visible, the player name can be scraped. This causes the HUD panel to appear, on top of the player name. So now the screen scraping can’t read the player name. So the HUD panel turns off. So the player name can now be read. This happens repeatedly.

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