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HUD Troubleshooting

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » HUD Troubleshooting

!No HUD on all Zoom (Ante) tables when multi-tabling? After a recent PokerStars update, the HUD is available on one Zoom (Ante) table at a time. The HUD will still show on multiple tables for regular Zoom games. Are you always seeing the “HUD shows after first…

HUD Statistics (SharkScope)

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » HUD Statistics (SharkScope)

These statistics are fetched from SharkScope’s website while you play. Ability The Ability rating is a rating that goes up to 100 and shows a player’s ability based on an assessment of all the other statistics we have compiled for that player. Active…

Poker HUD Statistics

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Poker HUD Statistics

The HUD tracks a variety of statistics. Below is an explanation of the different statistics available in the HUD. Once you are familiar with the meaning of the statistics and abbreviations, you can use them as a tool in your game. Hands Played (#) This is the total…

Video: Poker HUD introduction

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Video: Poker HUD introduction

Before reading about the poker HUD, you may like to see a video demo showing what Poker Copilot’s HUD is. You’ll learn how you can customise the HUD without leaving the poker table. *Tip: Watch the video in HD and full-screen if you…

HUD (Head-up Display)

Settings » HUD (Head-up Display)

The HUD configuration dialog contains four sections. You can navigate between the sections by clicking on the menu for General, Layouts, Colours, and Player Icons. General Layouts Colours Player Icons General The general section allows you to configure…

Configuring the Poker HUD

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Configuring the Poker HUD

You can customise the HUD using the Preferences. Read more here.

Understanding the Poker HUD

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Understanding the Poker HUD

The HUD appears on top of poker room tables while you play. You don’t need to do anything to turn on the HUD. While Poker Copilot is running, the HUD automatically appears on tables on all supported poker rooms. Here is an example of a poker table with the HUD…

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display)

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display)

The Head-up Display is usually referred to as the HUD. It is a critical tool for online poker players. It ensures you know as much as possible about your opponents, and about own table image. Video: Poker HUD introduction Understanding the Poker HUD Poker HUD…

Configuring the Poker HUD while playing

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Configuring the Poker HUD while playing

When you are playing at the poker table you can configure the HUD without having to switch to the preferences. Click on the cog wheel in the table’s HUD panel. Many HUD options can be set directly from this menu.

Changing the HUD control panel location

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Changing the HUD control panel location

The HUD control panel initially is shown on the window title bar. On Mac, this is in the top-right hand corner. On Windows, the HUD control panel is offset a little from the right so that you can access the window’s minimize, maximize, and close buttons. It is…

How can I stop the HUD lagging?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) » How can I stop the HUD lagging?

If your database is very large, you may find that the HUD sometimes “lags”, that is, it takes a long time to update with new data after a hand. The problem is caused by having the main window open to a screen that takes a long time to update. Whenever…

How to make the HUD work properly on iPoker MTTs?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) » How to make the HUD work properly on iPoker MTTs?

Poker Copilot can’t always correctly detect when you’ve been moved to a new table in an iPoker MTT. This is due to an error in iPoker hand history files. Until iPoker can fix this, we’ve added a work-around: 1. After moving to a new table in the same…

Poker Copilot crashes when I click on HUD panels. How do I fix this?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) » Poker Copilot crashes when I click on HUD panels. How do I fix this?

Since updating to macOS High Sierra (10.13), a few Mac users have reported that Poker Copilot’s HUD crashes sometimes when they click on HUD panels. Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution that works for everybody and ultimately the best solution would be…

SharkScope Filters

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » SharkScope Filters

You can change your SharkScope filter directly from the HUD. Just click on the filter icon you see in this picture: The icon’s colour changes as follows: White: No filter applied. Blue: Default filter applied (the one you have set in Poker Copilot’s…

Statistics or Probabilities?

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Statistics or Probabilities?

You can set the HUD to use either statistics or probabilities. Statistics show a summary of what a player has done so far. Probabilities predict what a player will do in the next hand. To switch between statistics and probabilities, use the HUD configuration menu (the…

Does Poker Copilot work with Zoom Poker?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) » Does Poker Copilot work with Zoom Poker?

Yes. As of Poker Copilot 6.13 (released April 2018), Zoom tables have a fully working HUD. You’ll need to make sure you’ve followed Poker Copilot’s prompts to configure PokerStars for the Zoom HUD. We don’t currently support “Fast…


Settings » SharkScope

The SharkScope preferences panel lets you connect a SharkScope account to Poker Copilot. You’ll need a paid SharkScope subscription (Silver or higher) to use these features. Click on Add SharkScope Account to be able to enter your SharkScope username and…

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

List of compatible software Requesting and saving hand histories from PokerStars Requesting and saving tournament summaries from PokerStars Can I use one license key on two computers? Does Poker Copilot work with Zoom Poker? How can I keep Poker Copilot in sync…

Player Notes

Advanced Features » Player Notes

You can take notes on players. There are three ways to access the note taking window: 1. In the Players summary, click the button “Notes” in the top right corner. You can then edit your notes on that player by clicking in the white space titled…

Winning Poker Network (America’s Cardroom, etc)

Configuring Your Poker Room » Winning Poker Network (America’s Cardroom, etc)

Configuring Winning Poker Network Notes & Limitations Configuring Winning Poker Network This section shows you how to configure America’s Cardroom. All other Winning Poker Network poker rooms have the same configuration procedure. Enable hand history…



You can customise many aspects of Poker Copilot in the preferences. To set your preferences, click on Preferences… in the Tools menu. Hand History Folders Currency Language Other HUD Poker Rooms SharkScope Import / Export Preferences

Why do I get a Zoom configuration error?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) » Does Poker Copilot work with Zoom Poker? » Why do I get a Zoom configuration error?

If going through the Zoom configuration steps you get this error message please drag PokerStars to the Trash, empty the Trash and restart your computer. Redownload and install PokerStars. Finally, open Poker Copilot and try setting the Zoom HUD…


Configuring Your Poker Room » PokerStars

Configuring PokerStars Notes & Limitations Configuring PokerStars Enable hand history Enable tournament saving Set preferred seat Poker Copilot can automatically import the hands you play at PokerStars. To enable this feature, the PokerStars client has to…

SharkScope Icons

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » SharkScope Icons

After Poker Copilot has requested player information form the SharkScope website, it will display an icon in each player HUD panel to indicate the status of this player. There are a couple of different icons that you might see after the request has completed.…


Configuring Your Poker Room » PartyPoker

Important update for PartyPoker users !Due to PartyPoker’s restrictions, we provide only limited functionality for PartyPoker. This section shows you how to configure PartyPoker. All other PartyPoker skins, such as PMU and bwin have the same configuration…

Player Icons

Poker HUD (Head-Up Display) » Player Icons

Note: Player icons are no longer available in the HUD when using PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker, due to their updated third-party tools and services policy. Icons appear on top of each player’s statistics panel to help you easily identify each player’s playing…

Recent Hands

Screen Reference » Recent Hands

The Recent Hands summary displays your most recent hands. You can drill down and watch a replay for each of the hands. The Recent Hands screen can be very useful when you want to review a session. Because you can sort on any of the columns you can quickly find the…

Getting Started

Getting Started

Portuguese German Spanish Italian French Russian Welcome to Poker Copilot Poker Copilot is a software tool for online poker players. Features include: online poker HUD poker hand…

macOS Catalina and Poker Copilot

Known Problems » macOS Catalina and Poker Copilot

Configuring Catalina Older Versions of Poker Copilot Troubleshooting Configuring Catalina Catalina is fussier than earlier versions of macOS. It wants you to explicitly grant permission to apps to do some things they could do by default in earlier versions of…

Hand Replayer

Hand Replayer

Reviewing a specific hand in the hand replayer can help find your mistakes and improve your game. From the Recent Hands screen, you can open the hand replayer in several ways: Double click on a hand Right-click on a hand and select View in Hand Replayer Select a…