The HUD appears on top of poker room tables while you play.

You don’t need to do anything to turn on the HUD. While Poker Copilot is running, the HUD automatically appears on tables on all supported poker rooms.

Here is an example of a poker table with the HUD overlaid on top:

For each player at the table, the HUD shows a panel containing statistics and possibly some icons. You can configure the statistics displayed in this panel and various other options in the HUD preferences panel.

If you click on a panel, you get a popup list of all the statistics available for that player

Players Icons

Icons appear on top of each player’s statistics panel to help you easily identify each player’s playing style.

  • : A rock is very tight pre-flop. If a rock puts money in the pot pre-flop, he probably has a premium hand.
  • : A fish plays too many marginal hands. These players offer easy money – like “shooting fish in a barrel.”.
  • : In poker, a whale is a big fish (whales are actually mammals, but this is poker, not biology). A whale will play almost anything.
  • : A calling station limps/calls too much. They are hard to bluff, as they like to see how the flop unfolds. Even if they don’t hit the flop, they’ll keep putting money in the pot to see the next card.
  • : A gambler plays many types of hands. If a gambler reaches the flop, he plays aggressively post-flop.
  • : A maniac doesn’t like to be out-bet pre-flop. You’ll need to be prepared to commit a lot of chips against these players.
  • : An eagle plays a very solid all-round game, especially pre-flop.
  • : A book plays in a very predictable way. This is the type of player who has read a poker book or two and follows them to the letter.
  • : These (Red Circle, Green Triangle, Blue Square, Yellow Star) are extra symbols you can use with your own rules.
  • : This is a player whose playing style doesn’t fall into any other category.

Note: • Icons will not appear right away in HUDs. You have to setup a minimum number of hands starting from which icons will show in HUDs. The logic behind this is that to be reliable most statistics need a certain number of occurrences. You setup this number of hands threshold in the # of hands for colours and icons field in the General Panel of the HUD preferences.

HUD Table Stats

The HUD also displays table stats in a panel in the top-right corner of the table. The table stats panel contains the table average statistics for voluntarily put money in pot (VPiP), pre-flop raise (PFR) and post-flop aggression frequency (Agg). It contains controls to stop or configure the HUD and star a hand. It also shows when a SharkScope filter is being applied. The HUD table statistics give you the “room temperature” and can be useful to determine your general strategy.

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