Trial Version

Poker Copilot is free to use for 30 days starting from the first time you run it. The trial version is a fully functional one. The first time you run the trial version you see the following message:

When the trial period is over, Poker Copilot will ask for a valid licence number. You must buy Poker Copilot to get a licence key. To buy Poker Copilot, visit the PokerCopilot Store

Licence Key

Once you’ve paid for Poker Copilot, you will receive from Poker Copilot’s online shop your licence key and user name via email. See below a copy of such a message to a new user called “John Smith”:

Hi John Smith

Thank you for buying Poker Copilot. Here is your license key:

User name: John Smith
License key:

You need to enter the user name and license key into Poker Copilot EXACTLY as written here. The easiest way to do this is using copy and paste.

To avoid mistakes when typing the licence key and user name, the message suggests copying and pasting directly these items into Poker Copilot. To find more information on how to copy and paste, see the section Using copy and paste to enter information below.

Activating Poker Copilot

To activate Poker Copilot, click on the button Register… in the dialogue that is shown when you start Poker Copilot. If Poker Copilot is already running, you can select Help -> Register… from the menu bar. When the activation dialogue appears, enter your user name and licence key into the respective fields. Once you’ve entered both the user name and the license key, click OK. Poker Copilot is now registered.

Using copy and paste to enter information

To avoid mistakes when entering your license information, we recommend you use the copy and paste function. To do this, first select the information you wish to copy with your mouse:

Once the text you wish to copy is selected, right-click on your selection and select “Copy” from the context menu.

The selected text is now copied to your clipboard and can be pasted anywhere you like. Switch to the Poker Copilot license activation screen and place your cursor in the target field. Right-click inside the field and select Paste from the context menu.


You may find that when trying to activate Poker Copilot, you’re unable to click the OK button because it is disabled. This can have various reasons:

Problem: The license key has been entered incorrectly.
Solution: Make sure the key is exactly as it is in the email. To avoid mistakes, use the copy-paste method described above.

Problem: The user name has been entered incorrectly.
Solution: Make sure the user name is identical to the one shown in the license email.

Problem: The license key is for an earlier version of Poker Copilot.
Solution: If you’ve purchased and older version of Poker Copilot in the past, you can upgrade Poker Copilot at a reduced price in the Poker Copilot Store.

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