The SharkScope preferences panel lets you connect a SharkScope account to Poker Copilot. You’ll need a paid SharkScope subscription (Silver or higher) to use these features.

Click on Add SharkScope Account to be able to enter your SharkScope username and password.

Once you’ve done this successfully, a comprehensive list of settings allows you to control precisely how Poker Copilot interacts with SharkScope.

Search Options

Search Mode
By default SharkScope statistics will be shown on all tables. If you want the statistics to only be shown on certain tables you select, choose the On-demand only option and then trigger SharkScope searches in the table’s overlay menu.

If you’re not interested in seeing SharkScope info for players when you are playing ring games, you should select Tournament only. You can also turn off SharkScope player searches for zoom tables. This applies to both ring games and tournaments. Players change rapidly on Zoom tables, so you’ll use searches at a higher rate than on non-Zoom tables.

Cache player info
To minimise the use of your SharkScope search quota, each villain’s info is only fetched once from the SharkScope database. The information is stored on your computer until either 24 hours have passed since you first saw that villain. Note that if you restart Poker Copilot the villain information is refetched.

If you prefer to see more recent data at the cost of more SharkScope searches, then you can change the Cache player info to 1 hour.

Minimum hands before fetching info

By default, SharkScope info is fetched the first time you see a player. You may like to wait until you’ve played a few hands against a player before fetching the player’s info.

Show hero info

By default your own SharkScope info is cached with the villain data. If you always want to see the freshest data for yourself, you can choose not to cache your information. Poker Copilot will still do its best to ensure it doesn’t use up your searches needlessly, but once it detects updated statistics for you, it will refetch it.

If you don’t want to see your own SharkScope info in the HUD, then select Don’t show hero info

SharkScope HUD Statistics Filter

On the SharkScope website, you can create some filters to choose how the data you see is shaped. Here in the preferences, you can set specific filters to be applied to the stats you see in the HUD. You can set a filter to by used for a specific table size or poker variant.
More info here.

HUD Colours

The SharkScope statistics are shown in the HUD in either red, green, or yellow. Better players are show in green; poor players in red. The others are shown in yellow. Here you can control the exact SharkScope Ability rating used to determine the colours.

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