My playing day starts at

Enter the time you typically begin your poker sessions on each day. This is the time used to group your hands into days. This is very important if your poker sessions continue past midnight, as you don’t want hands played past midnight counted as a different day.

Use smart dates

Turn this off to always show the full date and time of hands and tournaments.

Smart date format:

  • hh:mm (13:45). When the hand/tournament was played today
  • dd mm (07 Dec). When the hand/tournament was played this year
  • dd-mm-yyyy (07-Dec-2015). When the hand/tournament wasn’t played the current year

Full format:

  • dd/mm/yy hh:mm (07/12/16 13:45). For every hand/tournament

Show in menu bar (Mac version only)

This allows you to display the information above in the menu bar:

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