Poker Copilot Videos

Quick Troubleshooting Video

Quick troubleshooting video

Poker HUD Introduction

Learn the basics of understanding and configuring Poker Copilot’s HUD. Find out how you can change the way the HUD looks and works without leaving the poker table.

Configuring PokerStars for Poker Copilot's HUD

Watch a step-by-step guide to configuring PokerStars so that you’ll get Poker Copilot’s HUD showing on the poker tables.

Configuring 888poker for Poker Copilot's HUD

See Poker Copilot’s Head-up Display (HUD) in action 888poker. See how to configure 888poker for Poker Copilot, what the HUD looks like, and how to understand it.

Checking your Positional Awareness with Poker Copilot

Changing your pre flop aggression according to your position is one of the first things you learn about poker. But are you actually doing it correctly?

Poker Copilot’s “Positional Awareness” leak detector will give your playing style a check-up.

Make Poker Copilot Ignore Old Hands

Has your playing style changed significantly in recent months? You can make Poker Copilot exclude older hands so that your all-time statistics better reflect how you play today. Learn how to make Poker Copilot ignore your older hand history files.

Record Tournament to Video

Learn how to record an entire tournament to a single video in Poker Copilot. A video that you can share with your poker coach or on YouTube.

Hidden Features: Summaries

See hidden features in the Poker Copilot summaries. Learn how to add and remove columns and how to view the numbers behind the statistics.

Hidden Features: Charts

See the hidden features of the Poker Copilot charts. Learn how to zoom in and out, copy a chart to the clipboard, save it as an image, and print it.