Testimonials and Reviews

"You have a great product, I have really been enjoying Poker Copilot and it has been so beneficial to me!"
Ryan, USA
"I have found Poker Copilot to be extensive and it helped very much to improve my game.... I like the way it is set out and easy to understand."
Beric, UK
"Everything about Poker Copilot runs smoothly, is very easy to use, and provides a plethora of information."
"Your hud is 10/10."
Reddit user sarkid0
"Poker Copilot is easy as 1-2-3. It's like the iTunes for poker players."
Bert, Belgium
"Congrats for this great poker assistant."
Charles, France
"It's an easy to use HUD with almost everything I need."
Reddit user dpayne94
"I started using Poker Copilot a few weeks ago after a recommendation, and it paid for itself within hours. It's completely turned my game around. You run a great site and have a great piece of software, and I know a lot of people who use your product and are happy with it."
Mitch, Canada
"Poker Copilot has helped me unprecedentedly in improving my poker game. The best app for Mac users."
Kokotas, UK
"Finally, a Mac poker analyzer that works! I paid for it 4 days into the trial period. It had already paid for itself, it helped my game that much!"
Steve, USA
"I just wanted to say I love your software and y'all should keep up the good work! Fell in love with Poker Copilot the moment I downloaded it."
Reddit user xxHourglass
"Je ne manquerais pas de recommander votre produit, qui est d'une excellente qualité comparé à d'autre tracker."
Arthur, France
"Your software has become essential to my poker strategies, and I was able to recover from negative ROI to a positive one since I started using it."
Luca, Italy
"I recently purchased Poker Copilot after using it for a week and seeing my game improve drastically. Thanks for putting out such a great product."
Ben, Canada
"I just wanted to tell you that I love your product and I wanted to thank you for your work."
Reddit user nasdas
"Love your Poker Copilot and have really enjoyed it"
Reddit user Spleinecker
"Poker Copilot was like adding a huge piece to the jigsaw puzzle of my game. The results have been amazing."
Jon, Australia
"I just wanted to say thank you for creating this tool! I bought a license a few months ago and have to say, it blows every other Mac tracker out of the water."
Reddit user
"I got Poker Copilot and it improved my game a TON. The HUD was great and the stat tracking was amazing. I have used Hold'em Manager and Holdem Indicator, but I prefer Poker Copilot over both."
Reddit user