SharkScope HUD for Mac

Poker Copilot is a SharkScope HUD for Mac. And much more.

Poker Copilot overlays important SharkScope player data onto your poker tables while you play – on macOS.

Poker Copilot for OS X is an official partner with SharkScope. At the time of writing we are the only poker HUD for Mac integrated with SharkScope. Only with Poker Copilot can you see SharkScope statistics while you play, live, on the table.

SharkScope is fully integrated with Poker Copilot. That means you can see Poker Copilot’s own built-in statistics AND any of SharkScope’s statistic at the same time.

How to use SharkScope in a Mac HUD:

  1. You’ll need a SharkScope account. If you don’t have one, sign up here.
  2. Download a 30-day free trial of Poker Copilot from here.
  3. In Poker Copilot’s preferences, go to the “SharkScope” panel.
  4. Enter your SharkScope account info.
  5. In Poker Copilot’s preferences go to the “Head-up Display” panel and select “Layouts”.
  6. In the “Tournaments” drop-down you can now select “SharkScope”. This gives you a good default set of SharkScope statistics. You can choose any of SharkScope’s 37 statistics.
  7. Now go the a tournament table, and within two hands, Poker Copilot will have the SharkScope info for all the players on the table.

For more info and help, read our detailed description of SharkScope on Poker Copilot.