Hold’em Manager for Mac

There is no Hold'em Manager for Mac, but...

Poker Copilot is the Mac software that Hold’em Manager users have been looking for. Download a free 30-day trial now.

Poker players have been asking for a Mac version of Hold’em Manager for years. At one point it seemed likely, but eventually the Hold’em Manager team stated publicly that they couldn’t find suitable software developers for Mac. According to the Hold’em Manager team,

"Hold’em Manager for Mac is not in the works."

...Poker Copilot for Mac is a great alternative

Poker Copilot is an alternative to Hold'em Manager that does run on Mac.

Poker Copilot is OS X Dock

Why you should use Poker Copilot as your Hold’em Manager alternative on Mac:

  • Poker Copilot is poker tracking software that runs natively on Mac. It offers a poker HUD, a hand tracker, a hand replayer, and leak detectors.
  • Poker Copilot is native Mac software that feels natural to poker players accustomed to Mac software. Familiar with iTunes? With Mac's Finder? With Apple's Mail app? Then you'll be comfortable using Poker Copilot's Mac-style user interface.
  • Poker Copilot on Mac is faster and smoother than Hold’em Manager on Windows. It uses less disk space, less CPU, and less memory.
  • Poker Copilot includes all features, all poker variants, and all stake levels for one price. Hold’em Manager charges you more if you move up from the microstakes; Hold’em Manager charges you more if you want to play on Omaha as well as Hold’em; Hold’em Manager charges you more if you want to use the leak detectors. With Poker Copilot, pay once, get everything.

pokersoftware.com’s review of Hold’em Manager states:

"Unfortunately for Mac users, Hold’em Manager will not run on the native macOS and there are no immediate plans to develop this capability."

Here's what pokersoftware.com says about Poker Copilot:

Poker Copilot is one of the top choices for running a tracking and analysis program on an OS X operating system. The Poker Copilot brand has been around and trusted for many years.

One of our customers told us:

"It was between you and Hold'em Manager 2. At the end of the day, I preferred how simple Poker Copilot is. And this is coming from someone who is always on the computer. I would have had to spend hours on Hold'em Manager 2 to understand how half the program worked."

Try the Mac alternative for Hold’em Manager. Download a free 30-day trial of Poker Copilot now.